Beyma PRO8MI 8" Competition Series 200 Watt RMS 4 ohm Midbass Midrange Speaker

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Product Specifications
Minimum lower cutoff frequency (High Pass): 200Hz
Maximum upper cutoff frequency (Low Pass): 4-5 kHz
Higher cutoff frequencies allow greater tolerance, but it is very important to respect the lower ones too. Also, the filtering should have a minimum slope of 12dB per octave (second order filter).
Beyma pro 8MI is a high power 8" car midrange speaker from the beyma competition series
Handles 200 watts AES & 400 watts program power
Designed for medium frequencies reproduction
Features a large 2" voice coil & a high 98db SPL
Delivers clear & detailed midrange of high quality
Available in 4 ohms only
Nominal diameter: 200 mm. / 8 in.
Nominal impedance: 4 ohms
Power handling / maximum: 200 W RMS / 400 W
Sensitivity: 98 dB 1w @ 1m
Frequency range: 150 - 7000 Hz
Voice coil diameter: 51.7 mm. / 2 in.
Bl factor: 7.6 N / A
Moving mass: 0.018 Kg.
Thiele-Small Parameters:
Resonant frequency, fs: 86 Hz
D.C. voice coil resistance, Re: 3.4 ohms.
Mechanical quality factor, Qms: 10.40
Electrical quality factor, Qes: 0.56
Total quality factor, Qts: 0.53
Equivalent air volume to Cms, Vas: 14 l
Efficiency, Oo (%): 1.5
Effective surface area, Sd: 220 cm2
Voice coil inductance, Le @ 1kHz: 0.3 mH


(No reviews yet) Write a Review